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Seder Songs - New Melodies for the Haggadah (CD)

This recording grew out of a unique collaboration between Rabbi Robert Dobrusin of Beth Israel Congregation in Ann Arbor and us. In 2004, the three of us presented a program at Beth Israel which consisted of our original settings of passages from the Pirke Avot, with commentary by Rabbi Dobrusin. The success of that evening led us to discuss another project together. Rabbi Dobrusin suggested working with passages from the Haggadah.

In 2007, just before Pesach, Rabbi Dobrusin and we gave another program at Beth Israel. We sang our settings of passages from the Haggadah and Rabbi Dobrusin commented on the text. In early 2008 we began recording the CD with our long time friend and Good Mischief band mate, Brian Brill.

The photos on the cover of the new CD are especially meaningful for us. One is of our father's Haggadah, the one he used for over sixty years. The other is of the seder plate that our family used every Pesach. It belonged to the our maternal great-grandmother and was the only family heirloom that survived our mother's deportation from Budapest to the Ravensbruck concentration camp during World War II.

Another special feature of this CD is that, for the first time, our children are taking an active role in its creation. Sandor's daughter, Emily, plays violin on one song and Laszlo's son, Daniel, took the photos and designed the CD cover and insert.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the recordings will go to Beth Israel's Music Fund.

On another, and lighter note: We, and Rabbi Dobrusin, firmly believe that our first collaboration in 2004 was one of the primary causes behind the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004. (Rabbi Dobrusin is a huge and lifelong Red Sox fan.) In fact, the Pirke Avot program coincided with the first night of the World Series-a game the Red Sox won handily! The three of us are also certain that our discussions in 2006, to prepare for our first Pesach collaboration, resulted in the Tigers' fantastic season that year, and that our Pesach concert in 2007 again spurred the Red Sox on to victory in the World Series. It's the Tigers turn in 2008!