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The Long Journey Called Home (CD)

The Long Journey Called Home (CD)

Beginning in the early 1980's, Gemini started focusing on music for children and families. But the twin brothers had been writing, recording and performing for adults for more than ten years before that. This is a compilation of the best of their music — both vocal and instrumental — for adults. Includes “The Waltz of the Old Lovers,” (about an elderly couple dancing in a rock ‘n roll bar) “Percy’s Song” (about Percy Danforth, the man who taught San to play the “bones”) and “The Lawn Chair that Flew!” also known as “Sixteen Helium Balloons” (Based on the true story of the man in California who tied weather balloons to a lawnchair and went ten-thousand feet up in the air!)

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Full Track List

  1. The Waltz of the Old Lovers
  2. Lizzie Lindsey
  3. The Long Journey Called Home
  4. Pennywhistle-Bones Duet
  5. Percy’s Song
  6. A Yohr Noch Mein Chasene
  7. Helélelaine
  8. Anne’s House
  9. Grow in Love
  10. Sharika
  11. Moving Again
  12. The Lawn Chair that Flew!
  13. Legacy
  14. Lullabye
  15. Bones-Guitar Duet
  16. Waltz of the Old Lovers (Live)
  17. Who Will Love?
  18. Peace Song
  19. When I Leave
Seder Songs (CD)music sample

Seder Songs: New Melodies for the Haggadah (CD)

Eighteen new melodies for the Jewish holiday of Passover. The lyrics are passages from the Haggadah, the book that is read and recited during the Seder, the traditional Passover meal. Includes our original settings for familiar songs such as “Dayenu,” and “Elijahu,” and also settings of passages from the Haggadah that are not traditionally sung. Read more...

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Full Track List

  1. Ha Lachma Anya
  2. Ma Nishtana
  3. Avadim Hayinu
  4. Dayenu
  5. B'chol Dor Vador
  6. L'fichach Anachnu
  7. Kos Sheini
  8. Eliyahu
  9. Kos Yeshuos Eso
  10. Me’es Adoshem
  11. Ki L’olam Chasdo
  12. Eelu Finu
  13. Kol Atzmotai
  14. Yishtabach
  15. Shuvi Nafshi
  16. Chasal Sidur
  17. L’shanah Haba’ah
  18. Eliyahu

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