Here is what people have said about Gemini's concerts with orchestras...

"Your songs, arrangements and presentation were all first rate and the audience enjoyed your performances very much."
Willa Walker - Artistic Administrator, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

"It is always a challenge to find new, high quality artists to present on the Family Series. You are a welcome "find" I would happily recommend you to any of my collegues. We'll look forward to bringing you back to Kansas City!
Mary Crist - General Manager, Kansas City Symphony

"It was a real joy performing with you. You had the audience – young and old – in the palm of your hands, and the orchestra itself was remarkably charged up for the performance. You were a delight to work with - professional and understanding in every possible way, as well as being thoroughly well prepared. I will conduct for you again any time you may ask."
Bruce Hangen - Guest Conductor, Kansas City Symphony

"Your music radiates warmth and invites the audience to enjoy. We look forward to creating another wonderful concert with you."
Arie Lipsky - Conductor of the Ann Arbor Symphony and the Ashland Symphony

"These concerts were the most engaging, musically interesting and enjoyable family concerts we have ever presented. San and Laz immediately connected with our quite young audience and captivated them for the whole hour."
Susan Randazzo - Executive Director, Indian Hill Symphony

"What a privilege it was to work with you two! You put everyone in the audience in the best of moods with your neat songs and wonderful banter."
David Mairs - Music Director, Mid-Texas Symphony and the Flint Symphony

"I can't thank you enough for this collaboration. It has become one of the most meaningful experiences I've had. Working with you has brought me such joy and has nothing but inspired me. I know this meant a lot to all of the musicians as well. They, too, were very touched by your music and your being. I hope for more opportunities in the future."
Annunziata Tomaro - Conductor, The Phoenix Ensemble

"We have received many positive comments about your performances. Our audiences greatly appreciated the warmth and humor of your songs, the versatile use of folk instruments from guitar to bones, and your welcoming manner."
Jane Rooks Ross - Director of Education, Kalamzoo Symohony Orchestra

"This was easily one of the finest "family" programs Jackson has ever had. Your ability to communicate to the audience through both the music and your verbal presentations was most effective. I thank you sincerely for your enthusiasm."
Stephen Osmond - Music Director, Jackson Symphony Orchestra

"Your musical presentation was an inspiring and unforgettable experience for the audience, the orchestra musicians and myself."
Mihai Craioveanu - Musical Director and Conductor, Holland Chamber Orchestra

"After nearly forty years of conducting and working with a great many guest artists, I can say with complete sincerity that Gemini is one of the most talented and entertaining guests with whom I have worked. You program is immensly entertaining, visually appealing, yet profoundly educational."
Russel Reed - Music Director, The Plymouth Symphony

"Your warm and heartfelt stage presence combined with your musicianship made for a truly memorable experience."
Carmen Wiest - Conductor, Whitewater Symphony Orchestra

To hear a medley from the concert with the Phoenix Ensemble of Ann Arbor,
click here (MP3, 2.213mb).

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